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Lavender rose. Rosa hesperrhodos.
Anonymous asked:
Describe your ideal guy


One that has a goal and is working towards it with drive, passion and integrity. A guy who is willing to roll up his sleeves and can dive in. Who I can take to my parent’s farm who can help toss hay bales, or take care of the horses. Someone who makes me laugh, hard. Who makes me blush. Who is excited. 

Who I can learn from, and with. Who likes veggies and bacon. Spends time sourcing vintage goods with me. Someone who can wield a hammer. One who doesn’t mind I curse like a sailor, or that I never really make my bed. Isn’t intimidated by my desires or talents, who can hold their own on the pool table. Someone who touches my lower back, pinches my butt, and kisses me a lot. Likes to dance alone with me, barefoot.

Someone who I could always call my best friend first, and my lover second.  

Did I mention butt pinching and kissing? And laughing?



my insta : mxnongt